The Inspiring Breeze



The clouds seem to be arguing
Trying to decide the best temperature to keep..
To help destroy COVID and give us some relief.

The sun shining bright too needs some support
For neither anger nor a down morale
Can help us survive alone.

Sitting in the garden, I hear the birds chirp
The playful wind blows …..
Trying to bring in some comfort.

The birds returning home, fly in formation
But they seem to have forgotten section 144
Or, is it, a show of strength and Camaraderie to fight so?

Either by choice or by mistake,the pandemic has started
We fight not only infection but panic and misinformation
Tighten your reins people, for fight, we will, for humanity is still alive.

Have faith that we all will be well
This panic versus patience and positivity, sure is a struggle ..
But we will come out victorious, at the other end of this tunnel.

– Deedhiti

Dt. 24.03.2020

At stake…

No substitute to hard work, I was taught…
The journey more important than the reward
They said appreciation followed if job done well
Adulation vs appreciation – left to your perception.

Listen….. for your conscience talks . ..
Tells you the truth in its naked form…
Praise and reprimand – all part of life…
Trust your vibes to know what’s right…

To be straight arrow is filled with perils…
But then, you will also find a ‘Cane’ waiting to thrill….
This journey of life, so wonderful
What we seek ……seems to be a puzzle…

Wandering through life searching for it….
At last we realise its Eternal bliss.
A lot at stake in the interim…..
A mind at peace should be our dream !!

– Deedhiti

Written 5.12.2016

The Band of Brothers (n sisters😜)


(Pic courtesy: Redmondpie)20191213_012648

A mystery it is, and blessed human nature…
Where we make people our family members.
A dream it is to conjure such thoughts,
Bonds n emotions in this setting of studs.

No more welcomes await
For you are a part of us.
Blood maybe thicker than water
But ‘Tales n Spirits’ talk much better.

Wherever we go, a part of each other, we carry.
For that’s our strength, The band of brothers, legendary.
In sickness n health, we stand together
A promise unspoken, thereafter.

– Deedhiti
Dt 13.12.19

The Man, the Works & the Almighty!


Destiny is great
For it never predicts our fate
It just takes us on a journey
And makes us struggle, to bring out our best.

It takes us places
And gives us exposure
Tells us, we were meant for…
Things much greater.
Helps change our perception and
Makes us look beyond our years.

Our strengths are our friends
But flaws, not (completely) our enemy either.
In its works, lies the magic
The deduction of which, can be found in its optics.
If you believe you can, you can
For ‘As you wish’ lies in God’s hands.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 12.12.19

This or That?


Caught between the devil n deep sea
I try to squirm out…
Difficult it is, to choose a way out.
With time, I realise a choice needs to be made
Rather than suffering an indecision charade.

Go with plan A and C complains
With Plan B, one has to beg.
Happy no one can be…
Option is to do what makes us feel less crappy.
A balance,it is what we can try to make,
A pitfall we all have to face.

A surgical strike better than none
Planning for which easier said than done.
A swift operation it needs to be
With no scope for dilly dallying you see.
A recipe for unparalled success else….               A compromise, is what one begets.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 26.11.2019

Through the Glass Window…..


There’s a small window on the door
My sneak peak to my mother
On the other side, I see her resting
With pipes running about her.

A hale and hearty person, she was..
Happy toiling in her field
But her cell wanted to break out
To start a revolution of its own kind.

To chart out a path of ones own is good
But with no knowledge to sustain ….not good
A rogue is all that one begets ….
A threat that needs to be silenced at best.

Time consuming and draining it was
To see this (misplaced) energy ebb out.. ..
With the carrier, a mute spectator
But with hope of bouncing back up.

The upheaval, too great…
Ravages the soul in its wake
The fight to win over, taxing…
Giving up seemed more relaxing.

Listening to the experts
I decide to give her a rest….
Call my near n dear ones
To be together, at best…..

Man proposes but God disposes
Likewise, life had other plans….
And even before I could give her a hug
She left us for the world beyond.

At the brink I was…
To let her be in peace
But a tad too late it was…
For the pain had its claws already dug in.

My window of touch was gone….
That day would now never dawn.
A touch of love was all I craved for
Alas! it was only that glass window…
That had my feelings etched on.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 22.10.19


Transformation 😊

Bholi bhali surat thi hamari
Ek chote se gaon ki main rehnewali
Chup rehne ki thi aadat purani
Bachpan se hi thi ye bimari

Shadi karke aaye hum
Is fauji Jurassic park mein
Yahan aakar jana, hum thi the
Sher apne aap mei

Kshitij hua bada hamara
Baccho ko hua iska fayda
Ab na the hum chup kumari
Aur ye thi hamare pati hi duvidha sari

Ab aap puchoge – ismei duvidha kaisi

Office mei gaon budha, SM aur CHM chawla
Par ghar ke the wo iklaute karta
Humko bhi awwa ne tha sambhala
So ab ghar pe bhi mile unhe ek cheetah

Zindagi ka balance to ab shuru hua tha
Bheegi billi ka to ab transformation hua tha
Pati saath ho to hum the savitri phule tai
Warna to hum bhi the rani laxmi bai.

Aur ye….humein fauj ne ki sikhlaya tha.

– Deedhiti

Dt. Aug’19.