Pulwama Attack: Black Day

पुलवामा वार: ब्लैक डे

बड़ी बेहरमी से चोट पहुचाई आपने
न करेंगे माफ और ना ही भूलेंगे हम, इसे
मुह तोड़ जवाब इसका, तो देंगे हम उन्हें।

फर्क रहेगा, पर तरीके का दोस्त
शर्मिंदा करेंगे, जड़ से उखाड़ेंगे…
नामो निशान मिटायेंगे, पर प्यार से हम।

दुनिया देखेगी और तारीफ भी करेगी
हमारे तरीको की नुमाइश भी होगी
तबाह अब हम करेंगे और चू तक न होगी।

– दिधिति मुदलियार

Happy Birthday Dida!!

There from above, I feel your presence
Hovering over and blessing me
Little by little, I slowly realise
How beautifully you have guided me.

The guava and papaya trees ….
And blooming gardenias wait to welcome me.
The silhouette of you standing in the balcony
Is all that kolkata represents to me.

The old house no more
But kolkata still beckons me ashore….
Your heart and soul lies there…..
And it seems, its embedded in me too somewhere.

Be kind and have courage
Not only Cinderella’s mom taught her to be
But through your actions and words
It is what you too taught me to be.

To stand tall amid stormy seas
Have patience where one needs
Life is beautiful with its little things
Respect them all, for its the way to live.

Thank you for being there
Thank you for loving me…
Thank you for being so strong and independent
That I have no choice but to emulate you.

Happy Independence Day, Dida n a very happy birthday to you!! 💝💝💝💝♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Deedhiti
    Dt. 15.8.20

A Rankling Heart

PC: Flickr Cuba Gallery

The world seems to be crumbling
With what they called a little cold and cough
Though, a surgical attack of sorts for some
The answer ‘ For Whom’ only poker cards could tell.

Caught unawares and completely blindsided
We waited for some ray of hope….
The first casualties were experiments in the dark
And research in over drive to assess more.

Slowly but surely, the orders came
Lockdown it was, to help arrest its game
To fan out its cause and eradicate it
But a crafty sharpnel it turned out to be.

There on the bedside window, he sat
Observing the only world he knew now
His neighbours backyard full of fun…
But for his kidney transfer, he felt locked.

Social media, his window to friends
Sharing his loneliness, his vent
As time elapsed, he grew morose
For there seemed no end to this covid episode.

With time, the wave started to subside
Some relaxed a bit while some too much
His forlorn face, his invite to a party
In the same backyard which kept him sane.

A masked party it was to cheer him up
But a freak accident led to a visit to the clinic
Doctors in space suits, dripping wet
Tried to get him and others back in shape.

Some lucky, others not so….
For some, it was life in covid ward too
Stuck to a ventilator, our life came to a stop
For a view through the glass window, our only stall.

Goodbye, we bid you today, my boy
Now, a little more boredom I would take any day
To feel you, to touch you again
And not just a face out of the body bag to retain.

The feeling of what ifs…..never washes away
Fade it does but at a slow pace…
Preventive, paranoid or adventurous,choice is yours
But would never wish to feel guilty that way again.

– Deedhiti

Time Flies

8 yrs : time flies….

Oh how i wish u were still like this
With your little little hands hugging me tight.
Small things spreading immense happiness in you
And your soulful eyes looking right at me.

I miss those days of adulation
Not that it is missing now…..
But somewhere down the line, you have grown tall
Charming, elegant with a quiet grace and all.

May you grow up to be a fine lady
With stars in your eyes and fire in the belly.
Achieve what you wish for in life
And help serve the society so.

Stay blessed always sweetheart!! 🥰🥰

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Very indiscriminating you are,
For some brutal, others oblivious
A perfect spy you seem to be..
Creating havoc in style.

Trumping Darwin’s theory of natural selection
We seem to have entered the ‘Virussic’ world
Microscopic eyes wish we had
To bat off the virus like a gnat.

Every day protocols keep changing
For medical or administrative, one does not know…
The loss of someone sparks a fear….
And once out of control, it is a tsunami of sorts.

We are done for….O’ Lord…please help us….
So near yet so far….but with no scope for a last goodbye either.
I wish you had some other cards up your sleeve
To bring calm and peace and an end to this pandemic.

Dt. 9.9.20

Romancing the Olive Green

The journey of 15 years

Started from someone else’s love note

Little did I know…..

It would end up in me,marrying a katora cut so.

NDA with its spider lillies

Turned out to be my lucky charm

But on pre pop night, the bed bugs of Z sqn

Turned my happy aura, lukewarm.

The Sukhois fly past and the reverberating mast

All added to the glory of the march past.

So lost in the show of the suryakirans, was I…

That my jealous bf got me a neck collar as stand by.

IMA bought in separation blues….

A little glimpse of life ahead, true.

Pune, my career battleground

And he busy in his ‘Ragada’ rounds.

Dec 2003 saw him pass out….

Only to land in the quicksand, sound.

Two shiny stars on the shoulders looked beautiful

While the invisible major(read wife ) ruled the roost.

In normal range, we tried to keep our ECG

As we learnt to navigate the force, OG

Maggie tomato chilli sauce, our life seemed to be..

Hot n Sweet but tastefully different, you see.

Up n down, the machine whizzed…

‘Married to the Olive Greens’ the book, quizzed

Sarees n parties and all the enamour…

Were just a part of the outer glamour.

The learning curve, on the rise

The peaks characterized by the hard times

Tough they made me, wise or otherwise

With Self Respect as my prize.

– Deedhiti Mudliar

The Ethical Conundrum

A funny era we live in
Where live and let live, the in thing
The pandemic, turned up the blues
Making the handshakes n hugs, a cardinal sin.

Camouflaged as cold and cough
It seeped quietly in
Pervading our senses, five
With a tactical plan, to rig our body thin.

The chaos called for a lockdown…
And an opportunity to be clandestine
With Social distancing too, thrown in the mix
It was an imposition, one could not kick aside.

Stay home and Stay safe, the current dictum
Gearing to flatten the curve adds to the momentum
To be human, the eternal strategy
But now with high moral responsibility.

No scope for second chances here
For COVID loves its domino effect, bare
Once begun, cant be undone
For the virus is yet to be outdone.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 11.06.20