My Bundle of Joy


My dear cutie pie, enveloped in me
Do not jump so, sweet pea
Have a little patience baby
And let me also, get a little pampered, you see πŸ€—

The world sure is beautiful
But you jumping ahead would not make it less cool 😎
Let me too put my feet up
And get cuddled n cared for, by your ‘dada’ too.

Am eager to experience the joy, you’d bring us
But wait,βœ‹πŸ» finish your full term first
And also when you arrive, be unbiased please
Share your sleepless nights ‘equally’ between dada n me. πŸ˜‰

All are busy planning- how to welcome you
But I am just praying for a cute n healthy little you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
To hold you in my arms n cuddle you πŸ€—πŸ€—
And look at the sparkle in your dada’s eyes blue.

Another month to go, my champ
Hold your horses, if you can …😘😘😘
Its my last month as mom to be and carefree
For I too have to buckle up, after all, I will be a mom, you see.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 20.7.19


On the go…


The place seems beautiful
With greenery all around
But I feel lost within the MES confines
For the wait seems to extend on
As the dearth of houses seem long.

The packing and unpacking phase never ends
The peace is no peace when the tenure is less
The shopping spree is our outlet, you see..
But for the lack of space, we put them in crates
Irrespective we keep on, in hopes of something best.

The old station seems attractive now
Friends, ladies meet, welfares n even social evenings
Are things we cherish now.
The new place will take time to grow on us
But, by then it would be again time to pack. 😊

The life of an army wife is challenging
Of continuous checks and balance, it is
Of packing and unpacking, it is
With separations and togetherness thrown in mix
A blessedΒ life, I never want to part with.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 16.7.19

Papa, pls come home


A child’s emotions for her father who is serving far away from home.

Days go by…..
I hear papa only on the phone.
To the park, I go in the evening…
I see all the uncles returning.

Oh papa !! I miss you so….
Wish I too had Doraemon’s ‘Anywhere’ door
Would just come and give you a hug
Might lessen the pain of missing you so much.

The separation almost at its end
Papa, cant wait to see you again.
The house seems empty without you
Give me a surprise, come fast, will you?

Duty to country comes first,I know
But papa am still 9 years old
Give me some time papa..
Will train my mind so…

But for now, can you please come home..
You see ,mom’s discipline is at its peak
My naughtiness has gone for a six
Poor me papa, please help
After all, you see am a little kid.

– Deedhiti.

Dt. 10 july 2016

Back to school


School is fun they said….
But doubts fill my head
Heavy bags and lots of homework
Exams, the dreaded part of the setup.

The teacher at the gate
Punishes all those who are late
A live example of us, she makes,
Oh!! what is wrong with our fate?

English, maths and science
Create ruckus of a kind
As if this were any less
They add a bit of social science…..
Things fly above my head
Wish I could call Doraemon to help

Managed to sail through school
Only to enter the hot water pool
College seemed a walk in the park
But who knew that it was the Jurassic park.
Escaped unscathed, I did
Only to land in another rig.

Job, marriage and family in line
To be fulfilled in due course of time.
Thankful for the gifts bestowed
But alas! There is no escaping the grind…πŸ˜“

My little one now raring to go …..
The nightmares begin to glow
Life comes a full circle
No way to dodge this miracle…
So, here I stand to welcome…..
The back to school program. 😭

– Deedhiti

Dt. 8th July 2016

Pink n Pearls

A celebration of everything bright and beautiful
Of subtle love and elegance cool
Of friendship, affection, harmony & inner peace
We have the colour ‘Pink’ waiting to appease.

Alone she feels lonely
So we got some ‘Pearls’ for company
Believed to attract wealth n luck and also, purity.
We pair the two together to achieve tranquility.

Pink and pearls n all things nice
These are some things that makes us smile
A smile which brightens up our day
And brings in blessings along the way.

– Deedhiti

Dt. 4.07.19

Being Normal – A blessing or Boring?


I opened my eyes to the darkness inside
Wondering about the early morning light.
Dark clouds had covered the sky
Obscuring the morning light.

The ringing of the phone
Broke the stillness of the scene
Picking it up, I hear my better half swearing😑
In anticipation of something worse
I wait to for him to be calm
Before I begin my cross questioning.

Fully prepared to launch an attack
For the gross misuse of words…
I bide my time only to find him pale-faced.
A sinking feeling I feel in my bones …
And on continuous prodding, I come to know
The irony of life ….so..

We live our lives trying to be better than best
But forget that routine is sometimes the best bet
They say ‘Normal is boring’ but I feel it is a blessing
Else ask a mother whose child is suffering.
They seek nothing but for a healthy kid
Their God, the doctor, in whom they believe.

The cycle of life is bigger than us
For we are just puppets in His hands
Wanting nothing but for things to be normal
She just prayed for a miracle.
But fate, had something else in store
And there….she was left all alone…

Tears streaming down my face
I wake up to face the day
With nothing other than prayers in mind
I ask to have a normal blessed life.

– Deedhiti
Dt. 30.06.19

Caw caw goes the clock


I hear the crow caw
And rub my eyes in irritation
I look at the mobile to check the time
Only to realise, its my husband’s alarm
Announcing PT time.

A half an hour of blissful sleep, he’s made a mess of
Himself oblivious of the alarm…
While I am supposed to be batman 😑
Doing it for your kid, one doesn’t mind
But the pop tate too expecting it, is one of its kind.

Used to my own sweet tune, the cawing is a pain
Meant to wake up the better half on his own…
Does nothing but give me a headache.
The onus still lies with me to throw him off the bed
But the alarm still needs to be set, in case wife is a sore head. 🀬

Day in and day out, the story remains the same..
I try to get some shut eye at noon
But people love ringing the bell.
‘Am tired n need a shut eye’ his eternal request
As I get up and end up entertaining the rest.

Lime water in hand, in attendance, at an evening gathering
I try to live in the moment, enjoying the same….
Though a late night lies ahead, the morning schedule remains unchanged πŸ˜₯
What to expect then but a splitting headache 🀯
Results of a hangover or sleeplessness, is left to you, to guess. 🀐 😜

Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain
Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.
Na na na na……..goes the music, on the television set
I too join in …..hmm…..Give me some sleep, oh some blissful sleep
Let me not have to wake up pop tate again….. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Na…na n na….na…na n na….

– Deedhiti
Dt. 28.06.19